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audio optimizer™

Breakthrough… in-store audio solution
Audio Optimizer™
creates dramatic sound along a narrow beam that won’t annoy shoppers or employees

What it is

Audio Optimizer™ is a breakthrough in-store audio solution that creates a dramatic 3D sound experience along a narrow beam that won’t annoy other shoppers or employees.

Shoppers are immersed in the sound, as if wearing headphones. Yet the sound travels along a narrow path to create a private listening zone that won’t be heard by others. With one step, a listener can enter or exit the sound zone.

Proven to drive sales

This ‘HyperSound’ technology is proven to increase sales as demonstrated by in-store research and other test results. Audio Optimizer™ has a variety of applications including entry points to announce features, secondary displays to engage shoppers, on-shelf to help close the sale, check-out to drive impulse sales and more.

Backed by patents

Turtle Beach has 47 patents on the technology and 82 patents pending for commercial and consumer audio innovations.

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