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Our History

The origin of POP Displays was in 1953 as a direct manufacturer for the infant display industry. The original partners focused primarily on wood and plastic fabrication. As the business evolved, POP Displays partnered and then merged with Phase 4 in the early 1970's.

Over the years, the company's focus changed from an outsourcing business model to become one of the first full service manufacturers. In the mid-1980's, in response to short lead times that were becoming more common in the industry, investments were made in facilities and equipment to further develop in-house manufacturing and vertical integration. The business evolved to a turnkey operation.

In 2012, POP Displays led the industry in another breakthrough. With its launch of the Display Optimizerâ„¢, merchandising finally joins the ranks of advertising and packaging as a marketing mix element that can be quantifiably measured and optimized.

In 2016, POP Displays was acquired by CounterPoint Capital Partners, an investment firm who works in close partnership with management teams and key stakeholders of its portfolio companies to put them on a successful trajectory. For more information on CounterPoint, go to: http://www.counterpointcp.com.