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remove complexity

Sophisticated Infrastructure

We have a unique infrastructure and a sophisticated operation that enables us to manage large, complex programs and reduce complexity for our customers.

We streamline merchandising systems with ‘plug-n-play’ easy installation that enhances compliance and reduces labor cost at retail. We can manage timelines, logistics and thousands of components for you, reducing your operational complexity.

POP Displays handles retailer driven programs, customized to each retailer's needs.

For example, for a multi-branded category merchandiser, we act as liaison between the brand and the retailer. POP Displays works with over 30 brands to determine their planogram sets on a store level and tailor displays to fit their needs. POP Displays handles all paperwork, manages the logistics, develops forecasts, issues BOMs, inventories all customer-supplied items and customizes displays for each store. We manage updates, new stores and replacement parts. For another retailer, we manage 50,000 different components in 28 store sets and ship to over 3000 stores each installation at retail. For a marketer, POP Displays streamlined their merchandising system and reduced millions in excess inventory.

For the retailer and brands, this means one contact point and full accountability for any issue.