we take social responsibility seriously

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

We take social responsibility seriously.

• Provide training and jobs to veterans.
• Support initiatives with our neighbors, such as providing supplies to build homes.
• Actively involved in the Westchester Summer Jobs program, making jobs available to young workers who need training and lack typical job requirements. We have made many successful hires and are proud to see local residents come off social assistance.
• Sponsor POP Displays families during the holidays to help them celebrate with pride. We collect toys and food for families of our Yonkers employees and also their families abroad.
• Collect clothing year round for those in need.

We have been located in NY since we were founded in 1953. We have been recognized by the NYS Empire State Development with matching funds to expand capabilities thereby maintaining manufacturing jobs in lower NYS. We are one of the largest manufacturers in the NY metropolitan area and the Yonkers Employer of the Year in 2008.

Environmental Initiatives

POP Displays has made a pro-active commitment to reduce our environmental footprint.

Each year, we recycle 1 million pounds of plastic, 900 gallons of oil, 2.5 million gallons of water and we recycle our obsolete metal tools. We save 3 million KWh of electricity with our energy efficient lighting and voluntary reductions. All corrugate is recycled and we use a shredder to re-deploy corrugate waste for packing material.

We utilize cellular manufacturing, where equipment and workstations are arranged in an efficient sequence for continuous movement of inventories and materials from start to finish in a one piece flow. This prevents overproduction and storage/ transportation of components. It also catches defects in real time to eliminate waste.

We challenged ourselves to do more and initiated a Green Symposium with suppliers and industry experts to learn about best practices, cutting edge materials and processes and apply these to the development and production of our displays.

Sun Capital Partners encourages our sustainability program. Working with their tools, we have established energy and waste reduction goals. They work with us to identify initiatives to implement strategies to attain these goals and monitor our progress.

Leading the industry

In 2012, POP Displays led the industry in another breakthrough. With its launch of the Display Optimizer™, merchandising finally joins the ranks of advertising and packaging as a marketing mix element that can be quantifiably measured and optimized.