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Vertically Integrated

In-house Manufacturing

Our 500,000 square foot facility in Yonkers , NY provides the space for a sophisticated infrastructure, accommodating everything from tooling to assembly, plus everything in between. POP Displays controls the entire process from design through engineering, production and fulfillment. This results in speed to market, better service, flexibility, flawless execution and reduced cost.

POP Display has a rigorous Quality SOP with metric-based performance measures. Best practices are modeled from the Toyota Production System, including lean manufacturing, 5S, JIT, TQC, one-piece flow, Six Sigma and Kaizen. Comprehensive training is mandated at all levels. All partners are required to meet the same high quality standards. Quality Plans and training are tailored to each program.

A dedicated team of engineers is assigned to the relentless pursuit of Continuous Improvement, seeking ways to reduce cost and improve speed to market.

Within our 500,000 sq ft facility, POP Displays is well equipped and staffed with:
Tool Manufacturing

• Solid Imaging System SLA-5000 w/ cure oven & washer
• 7 CNC milling centers
• 13 milling machines

Molding Department

• 28 Horizontal injection molding machines with capacity from 165 to 720 ton
• 14 Robots on 160T to 550T 3 Vacuum Hopper Loading System, 2 MPC-220, 1 MPC-200
• Dehumidifying Hopper Dryer
• Dual Drum Tumbler
• 2 Weigh Scale blending system
• Resin Batch Blending system
• 2 Matsui Portable Dryer with Hopper Loading
• 3 Bridge Cranes with Rails and Hoist

Recycle Center

• Corrugate shredder
• 3 Scrap Granulators


• 120 watt laser 32”x18” and 150 watt laser 52”x100”
• CO2 Laser cutter X 660 , 24 X 30
• 40 Ultrasonic Welders 920/W
• 3 Ultrasonic pencil welders 2000/W
• 2 Hand fed platen cutting machines
• 1 Seybold straight cutter
• 2 Gantry CNC Routers, multi head
• Overarm Router R-9
• Grinder FSG2A618
• 2 Lathes
• 2 Radial Arm Drill
• 10 table saws Powermatic 66
• 1 panel saw 6486-20
• 1 miter saw
• 5 Tilting Arbor saws – Unisaw
• 5 Band Saws
• 11 drill presses
• Pedestal Sander -24000
• 6 buffing machines
• 2 station Pneumatic rivet press
• 3 station Pneumatic rivet press
• 3 Pneumatic rivet press – 57
• Milford Impact Riveting machine
• 3 DEF (diamond edge finishers)


• 11 Semi Automatic Hot Foil Stamper KF-8500E
• 4 Semi Automatic Rotary Hot Stamp Presses
• 2 Roller Hot Stamp machines
• 4 Bench Top pad printers
• 2 Automated screen printer APHT-2230
• UV Curing Oven 48 X 300’

Warehouse/distribution equipment

• 10 Semi Automatic adjustable carton sealers with feed table
• 2 JK-5 Strapping machine
• 5 Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machines
• 5 Crown Forklifts WAV50
• 1 Crown Forklifts ST-3000
• 3 Crown Forklifts WP-2300
• 11 Crown Forklifts RR, with LXE touch screen computers
• 2 Crown Order Pickers SP-3500 with LXE touch screen computers
• 1 Raymond Order Picker
• 4 Crown Forklifts SC-4500 , 5 with LXE touch screen computers
• Sealed Air Foam Packaging Machine (New) for shipping Models and Delicate Fragile Products

Process control support systems

• IFS Shop Floor Data collection
• IFS Warehouse management system
• Proprietary Automated Planogram and BOM creation application

Scale and Overseas Sourcing

We have scale and control over sourcing, which results in competitive prices, preferred delivery, consistent quality and no surprises.

POP Displays is owned by Sun Capital Partners, a leading private investment firm who has invested in and managed over 290 companies worldwide with combined sales in excess of $45 billion since its inception in 1995. They are experienced in retail, with companies that include American Standard, Boston Market, Friendly’s, Gerber’s Childrenwear, Hanna Andersson, Hickory Farms, The Limited, March Supermarkets, Shopko and Smokey Bones.

Sun Capital Partners provides financial support and scale. They have a strong, experienced management team, access to vast resources and the ability to support the growth of POP Displays. SCP imports over $1 billion in products from China and their senior staff has over 20 years experience sourcing in China.

With their support, POP Displays has relationships with the most dependable resources in China. Our robust qualification process ensures we identify and use only the best suppliers.

We have a fully operational office in Shenzhen with on-site POP Displays staff who know the language and culture. They are supported by US Managers who have hands-on business experience in China. Senior management visits maintains the commitment to error-free results.

The same diligence applied to our US factory is applied to manufacturing at all locations. POP Displays QC works hand-in-hand with supplier QC personnel to meet all Critical to Quality parameters. We work directly with our customers to develop CTQ criteria.

Blended programs/pricing can be developed by starting production locally for speed to market and then moving it overseas for lower cost.

Import capabilities include design engineering, LEDs, tool making, injection molding, aluminum extruding and bending, intricate metal work and assembly.